Open Workshops

If you are a individual or a small team, searching workshops to improve your service performance or to learn Service Tool that can help you to deliver Superior Service. Participate at one of our open workshops. Access our workshop calendar to see more details.

The Six Levels of Service™

Service is not about what you do, the processes you use, or how well you follow the procedures. Service is about the experience and the value you create for someone else. In this workshop, you will learn fundamental service principles to upgrade service levels and uplift your customer’s experience. Whether you serve external customers or internal colleagues, your Service will fit into one 6 Levels of Service.

What Customers Value?

Service Icons companies are successful because they understand what customers VALUE. Customers shop at Amazon for the variety of the products, the convenience, the friendly service and the surprising experience of all these areas combined. You can become a better and more valued service provider by improving your customer’s experience in all the categories of value.

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